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Corrupt Judge Merchan Will Shut Down Trial Early Monday So Alternate Juror Can See Dentist – But Same Judge Won’t Allow President Trump to Attend His Son’s Graduation!

Radical NY Judge Juan Merchan

According to sources, corrupt New York Judge Juan Merchan will reportedly shut down the latest lawfare trial against President Trump early today so that an alternate juror can visit the dentist.

The Boston Herald reported:

Donald Trump’s hush money trial will adjourn earlier than expected on Monday to accommodate an alternate juror’s emergency dental appointment in the afternoon.

Judge Juan M. Merchan had previously planned to adjourn the trial at 2 p.m. because of Passover, but will now adjourn the case at 12:30 p.m. He plans to end at 2 p.m. on Tuesday for the holiday.

This is the same conflicted judge who will NOT allow President Donald Trump to attend his son’s graduation ceremony.

Ben Bergquam reported this breaking news on The War Room.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Die MAGA Die” – New York Democrat Congressional Candidate Slammed for Wishing Death on All Trump Supporters

New York Democrat congressional candidate Nate McMurray wished death on Trump supporters on Saturday in a post on X.

McMurray is running to represent New York’s 26th congressional district – and Ukraine.

The unhinged Democrat posted the death wish to social media after the House of Representatives passed a foreign aid package that allocated billions of dollars to Ukraine and Israel.

Lawmakers waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor which angered many conservatives.

McMurray wished death on Trump supporters after the America last bill passed the House.

“Slava Ukraine. Die MAGA die. You lose,”

McMurray continued his childish tirade against Trump supporters on Sunday.

“Listen, I’m not trying to antagonize MAGA, but I refuse to let them strong-arm us into silence. Too many Democrats are out there, timid. That’s why the reaction to me is always so strong. Because they’re not used Democrats being bald (sic) in their territory,” McMurray said.

“This MAGA movement preys on folks who are often scared and not the most informed, twisting their legitimate worries into racism, xenophobia, and outright paranoia. You’ve got to call it out, loud and clear to save them from themselves—that’s my mantra. There’s a better way. I make sure they hear it,” he said.

Nate McMurray also taunted Trump supporters in a video posted to social media.


Conservatives slammed McMurray.

Voir Dire, Jury Nullification, Dred Scott & Donald Trump

One of the strongest protections against run-away government was crafted into the Constitution of the American Republic by founder James Madison. It was trial by a jury of twelve of your randomly chosen peers.

The strength of this protection is seriously underrated. Since conviction requires unanimous agreement by the jury, any one of the twelve jurors can block any prosecution by simply voting “not guilty.” They can do this based not only on the asserted guilt or innocense of the defendant, but on the validity and acceptability of the law itself.

This is called “Jury Nullification” and was widely understood, accepted, and regularly used until around the time of the Dred Scott Decision.

IF randomly chosen, a jury of twelve peers protects any minority with more than 8% of the population because odds are that one of those randomly chosen jurors will be a member of that minority.

Further, Jury Nullification serves to block legislatures and especially the enforcement apparatus from engaging in questionable legal adventures, knowing that the 12th nullifying juror is waiting out in the hall. This helped keep the whole system straight and nipped bad, stupid, and unpopular legislaton (and prosecutorial shenanigans) in the bud. No sense in spending all that time and money on something a jury will likely cancel.

For a twisted example, in Special Prosecutor Robert K. Hur’s white-wash of Joe Biden’s massive illegal Afghanistan records retention, he declined to prosecute because, he concluded,

“…at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory. Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt.”

Especially in cases of bad, stupid, and unpopular legislation — and/or prosecutorial shenannigans — defense lawyers would argue dismissal of charges based on those aspects of the case rather than on guilt or innocense.

The Dred Scott Decision? Southern slave owners were frustrated because as a result of Jury Nullification, most randomly chosen northern juries would have at least one “not guilty” vote, thus refusing to return an escaped slave, even if the owner proved beyond the shadow of a doubt he “owned” the slave in question.

To satisfy the slave owners, northern courts developed “Voire Dire” which doesn’t exist in British Common Law which was the model our own James Madison used to craft Trial by Jury. “Voire Dire” amounts to official jury tampering because during that process, the judge will now always ask the jury pool something like, “Would you have a problem voting ‘guilty’ if you were convinced that Jill Defendant was guilty of the crime charged? If so, raise your hand.”

All potential jurors who raise their hands are summarily dismissed from jury duty. Thus juries are no longer randomly chosen and are instead, inherently biased in favor of The System. This has pretty much snuffed-out Jury Nullification.

With Voire Dire, the system could now empanel a jury which would return Dred Scott to his “owner,” and in fact, a jury which can now convict anyone of anything. Being bald or failing to genuflect correctly for example — or failing to wear your Star of David.

You might of course, fail to raise your hand. And you are not obliged to pay any attention to the judge’s jury instructions. You might not want to tell the other jurors, however, because the system has a deathly fear of Jury Nullification.

And then, further poisoning the credibility of the justice system, there’s so-called law-fare (war-fare using the “justice” system and courts) that’s finally been caught in the headlights, especially with the mostly ludicrous and hollow quasi-legal 2023 A.D. and 2024 prosecutorial shenannigans and attacks on Donald Trump and his supporters.

Winning, not justice, has long been the goal of the modern justice apparatus. Unfortunately, that’s now come out of the closet big-time with the unsavory and uncredible statutes dredged-up in the stampede to stop Trump at all costs.

With approximately 40,000 new laws on the books every yearlaw-fare, with Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin’s quip — “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” as the guideline — is now a slam-dunk.

They won’t be able to stuff that genie back in the closet.

It seems with Trump, the “Justice” machine has gotten a bit more subtle with its Voire Dire. According to dismissed juror Kara McGee,

“One [of the questions] is: Do you have opinions about the ability for a former sitting president to be tried in a court of law? Which I think the way people answered that showed how they felt about case,” she said. “The other one was: Do you have any opinions about legal limits for campaign finance donation amounts? Which I believe was another one that was kinda meant to gauge feelings about the particular case,” she added…. Excused Juror Reveals Selection Process For Trump’s ‘Hush-Money’ Trial: ‘All Have Prior Opinions’ | ZeroHedge

If Jury Nullification hadn’t been snuffed by the invention of Voir Dire to return escaped slaves to their “owners” — and defense lawyers were able to argue the legitimacy of the law and the case as well as the facts of the case — would Trump even be in court? What do you think?

Does this give you any ideas for when you’re called for jury duty?

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United States Military Begins To Pull Troops From Niger, Another Foreign Policy Embarrassment?

The United States will begin plans to withdraw troops from the West African nation of Niger, officials said.

“The prime minister of Niger, appointed by the ruling military junta, Ali Lamine Zeine, and U.S. deputy secretary of state Kurt Campbell, agreed on Friday that the two nations would begin to plan the withdrawal of American troops, the U.S. State Department told The Associated Press in an email Saturday,” the Associated Press reports.

The decision follows the country’s ruling military junta revoking a security pact with Washington that allowed American troops to fight jihadist terrorism, The Guardian reports.

However, Niger’s relations with Washington have soured since Mohamed Bazoum, the country’s democratically elected president, was ousted in a coup.

“Niger’s new leaders have pursued closer ties with Russia, mirroring neighbouring Mali and Burkina Faso, where Russian military forces have established a presence,” The Guardian noted.

CBS News reports:

Niger has been home to a major U.S. airbase in the city of Agadez, some 550 miles from the capital Niamey, using it for manned and unmanned surveillance flights and other operations. The U.S. has also invested hundreds of millions of dollars in training Niger’s military since it began operations there in 2013.

But relations have frayed between Niger and Western countries since mutinous soldiers ousted the country’s democratically elected president last July. Niger’s junta has since told French forces to leave and turned instead to Russia for security. Earlier this month, Russian military trainers arrived to reinforce the country’s air defenses and with Russian equipment to train Nigeriens to use.

In October, Washington officially designated the military takeover as a coup, which triggered U.S. laws restricting the military support and aid that it can provide to Niger. In March, a U.S. delegation traveled to Niger to hold discussions at senior levels to explore whether it was possible to achieve an agreement respecting the concerns of both sides, a State Department official told the AP.

Some reports indicate that Niger’s Russian-backed military junta was essentially holding U.S. troops hostage.

However, it appears a deal was struck to release the troops in exchange for the $100 million airbase in the country.

Per The Guardian:

But the US finally admitted defeat after meetings in Washington this week between Kurt Campbell, the deputy secretary of state, and Niger’s prime minister, Ali Lamine Zeine.

The withdrawal, expected to occur over the coming months, will mean the closure of a US drone facility, known as Base 201, at Agadez in the Sahara that was opened in 2018 at a cost of $110m.

The base, one of the main US drone facilities in Africa, has been used in operations against jihadist groups in the Sahel region and was reportedly the launchpad for a series of deadly strikes against Islamic State fighters in Libya in 2019.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) described the situation for American troops in the country.

“We have Army soldiers right now in Niger who aren’t getting their troop rotations, who aren’t getting their medicine, who aren’t getting their supplies, who aren’t getting their mail,” Gaetz explained.

“Are you going to do anything for the soldiers that are in Niger right now who can’t get medicine?” he asked.

Gaetz claimed the situation in Niger was a “cover-up” due to the embarrassment to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


From the Associated Press:

A separate senior U.S. State Department official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity to speak about sensitive diplomatic talks, told the AP on Saturday that Niger’s junta made a decision that they don’t want any foreign forces in the country, including the U.S. and that the security partnership was ending for the time being. The junta told the U.S. that Russia’s presence was to train Nigeriens on how to operate the equipment. The official said that the U.S. had valid concerns about some of the choices the junta was making, specifically about the potential for Russian and American troops to be colocated.

The loss of access to air bases in Niger is a major setback for the U.S. and its allies in the region because of its strategic location for security operations in the Sahel, said Peter Pham, former U.S. special envoy for the Sahel region.

“In the short term, they will be hard to replace,” said Pham, adding that remaining European Union military presence would likely pull out of Niger following the news of a U.S. departure.

The rupture of relations between the two nations would impact the development and humanitarian aid funds destined for Niger, a country at the bottom of many indicators of well-being, Pham said.

Insa Garba Saidou, a local activist who assists Niger’s military rulers with their communications, told the AP that American troops could potentially return after negotiations and that the ruling Niger junta, the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland, wants to maintain a good working relationship with the U.S.

Al Jazeera noted:

In March, Niger decided to revoke its military accord with the United States that had allowed Pentagon personnel to operate on its soil from two bases, including a drone base it built at a cost of more than $100m.

The US still maintains about 1,000 soldiers in Niger, but their movements have been limited since the coup.

The head of the military government, General Abdourahamane Tchiani, spoke by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin in March to discuss “global strategic cooperation” against “current threats”, authorities said at the time, without elaborating.

Niger has joined neighbours Mali and Burkina Faso – also ruled by military leaders after coups – to create a joint force to battle long-running armed rebellions.

Netanyahu vehemently condemns Biden plan to sanction IDF battalion

The Biden administration is reportedly planning to sanction a battalion of the IDF in the West Bank over what’s being called human rights abuses by the battalion in the past.

But Prime Minister Netanyahu calls the plan to sanction them ‘absurd’ and a ‘moral low’.

Here’s more from Bloomberg:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned a reported US plan to sanction an ultra-Orthodox army battalion over human rights abuses in the West Bank, a move which could fuel tensions over Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

“At a time when our soldiers are fighting terrorist monsters, the intention to sanction a unit in the IDF is the height of absurdity and a moral low,” Netanyahu wrote on X, referring to the Israel Defense Forces.

The US is expected within days to announce the punitive measure, which would be the first time the US sanctions an Israeli army unit, Axios reported on Saturday, citing three people with knowledge of the matter in the US that it didn’t identify. The US Embassy in Israel declined to comment.

Blacklisting the Netzah Yehuda Battalion would prohibit it from receiving US military equipment or training. It’s been accused of mistreating Palestinians, including in an incident in January 2022 when an elderly US-Palestinian man, Omar Assad, was found dead after his detention by members of the unit in the West Bank.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday said he will reveal “in the days ahead” his determinations on whether specific Israeli military or police units are liable to be sanctioned under the so-called Leahy Law, which bars military assistance to other countries’ security forces that violate human rights.

Netanyahu said in his statement that his government “will act by all means against these moves.”

Benny Gantz, Israel’s war cabinet minister, is pleading with Blinken not to issue the sanctions, pointing out that the IDF and Israel’s judicial system is capable of handling any misconduct:

War cabinet minister Benny Gantz asked US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to reconsider the reported plan to sanction the IDF’s Netzah Yehuda Battalion, his office says in a readout of the conversation.

Not only will sanctioning the largely ultra-Orthodox battalion harm Israel’s international legitimacy as it fights the Hamas terror group in Gaza, but there is no justification for the US to do so, Gantz told Blinken.

The Israeli judicial system is strong and independent, the former IDF chief of staff said, adding that all IDF units are subject to the IDF’s code of conduct and orders in accordance with international law.

Every military is going to have problems with over zealous personnel or just rogue elements and they should always be dealt with. But this move by Biden to sanction this IDF battalion reeks of election politics, as he’s still struggling to win back elements he’s lost with his support for Israel’s defensive war in Gaza.

Also this is the man responsible for the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal in which 13 service members died and many Americans were left behind because Biden gave the country to the Taliban and ran away. Biden has NO moral ground to stand on to condemn someone else’s military.

Corrupt Judge Merchan Will Shut Down Trial Early Monday So Alternate Juror Can See Dentist – But Same Judge Won’t Allow President Trump to Attend His Son’s Graduation!

Radical NY Judge Juan Merchan According to sources, corrupt New York Judge Juan Merchan will reportedly shut down the latest lawfare trial a...